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Footlock Wall Bracing

Footlock Wall Bracing Systems

This system is designed to become the industry standard for foundation bracing and shoring.

The Footlock Bracing System will truly revolutionize the way you brace a foundation.  The use of the Footlock Bracing System will save you time, labor costs and material costs will providing superior strength and support over traditional lumber bracing.

Why have a foundation cluttered with lumber bracing when you could have a tidy and safe work environment using the Footlock Wall Bracing System?

The Footlock Wall Bracing System can greatly reduce the risk of stress-cracking in the foundation during backfill.


Simply have your mason or poured foundation company install the #3 rebar footer loop at a 45 degree angle leaving approximately 3" of the loop exposed to allow adequate room for our hook and chain to easily pass through.



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