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Do I Really Need to Test My Homes?
A performance trainer shares answers to the most common
questions he gets in his blower door seminars.

by Sam Myers

Blower doors have been around since the 1980s, but for a long time were used mostly by niche builders. However, with more and more codes and high-performance home programs requiring air leakage testing, this tool has entered the mainstream. That change has fueled a demand for training.

As a training consultant for a blower door manufacturer, I train and certify builders and other industry pros on the equipment and test methods. After completing around 60 of these trainings, ranging from one-to-ones to classroom-size groups, I've noticed that the same questions come up again and again. I thought it would be useful to offer answers to the top half-dozen questions I hear from my students. Here they are.



All Construction Services can help Builders and Homeowners achieve the energy savings required by code and can also design a program that will exceed the code resulting in a higher HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score for your new home.  This will not only provide attractive energy savings, but also give your home a higher resale value in the future.



For more information on the Zero Energy Ready Home U.S. Department of Energy Partner Program, click on the logo below.





For a downloadable version of the above information, click this file:  Energy Code Compliance Energy Code Compliance

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